Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Hoodie for Lucy

I feel like I should update you on what we're making, but the only thing is that none of it is finished or even looks like much of anything. I will post the pattern picture, and them my product shot. 

I'm working on a hoodie for Lucy, the Knitting Pure and Simple Hooded Tunic. I thought she'd look really, really cute in a hoodie. I was kind of fantasizing/day-dreaming about her frolicking around  the playground at the park in the fall in a hand-made hoodie. Do you day-dream about garments? I do, I visualize little vignettes in that back of my mind, like moving dioramas. 

The little dress I made for her cabbage patch doll, Cornelia, went over extremely well and I think Lucy was a little disappointed that it was for the doll to wear and not her. BTW, I'm so sorry I keep forgetting to get a photo of the doll wearing the dress. We'll set up a photo shoot soon. 

Anyway, this hoodie has been a bit of a mess on the technical side, but there's no point in ripping it out, it's just a pullover for a kid. Still, I feel like I need to make another to prove to myself that I can get it right. I have all of my opinions in the notes on my Ravelry project page, and I'll blog them in their entirety when the project is finished.

So here's my hoodie, above. I've been using some yarn from my stash, Koigu Kersti. I figured it's pink enough for Lucy, and un-pink enough for me. The colour is lovely, but I'm not in love with the yarn, it's prone to splitting. I have also developed some conservative feelings about hand painted variegated yarn. It looks great, but knitting it in the round has become really high maintenance. It looks great in the portions that are round, but it pools like an ocean on the shorter stretches like the hood, arms and bottom panels. On those sections I've been using two balls, alternating every row. Even alternating every-other row it pooled like crazy. From now on, when making sweaters in the round I'm only using heathered, tweed, or semi-solid yarns. 

I'll try to push through and get this finished up quickly so you can see it!

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