Thursday, April 05, 2012

Groovy Baby Blanket

I cast on to make a fast & mindless little project for the store. It's a Super Easy Baby Blanket and I'm using Dream In Color Groovy, which is thicker than the yarn suggested, so it is working up at a nice clip. When I have time to knit at work I'm getting one colour block done per day (4 down, 3 to go). 

I cast on 100 sts and it is about 34" wide un-stretched. I am working each colour for 32 to 34 rows (depends on how much yarn there is, some skeins seem to have a bit less yardage), which is between 5.25 & 5.5" each. To see if I have enough to work another 2 rows I measure 6 times the width of the blanket (3x per row).  

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Knitters Notebook said...

How long is the cord on your knitting needle...I know you are using a size 7....I love the colors of your blanket.


Haley said...

probably 100cm/36". thanks! H