Monday, March 26, 2012

Project Round-Up!

I finished my Ombre Cowl! Love it, it's light, airy, and pretty. I'm soooooo into both ombres (colour gradations) and kid mohair (mohair but thin and not particularly itchy) right now. 

Over the weekend I started another prismy wrap. I'm going to keep at it until I get it right! I don't think I'll have to die trying, this one is looking great. I'm using Noro Silk Garden and Debbie Bliss Angel (holding the mohair double). This type of project makes especially good use of the more muted (dowdy) Noro colourways.

BTW, the Prism wrap is the greatest mindless knitting. Simple and effective. And it certainly moves along much faster when you use worsted weight yarn!

I finished the last prismy wrap, but am unsatisfied with my colour choices. The yarn choice worked well, the Berroco Remix can play either a lead or supporting role. 

Finally, we're working on a new project for the store, a little hoodie pattern called Arshile knit with Berroco Remix.  We've decreased our needle size, but it doesn't have anything to do with the pattern, Liane's tension on straight metal needles (they are her very favourite) is a bit looser than the suggested tension.  So far so good, I think it'll make a really cute year-round kid sweater.  

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