Saturday, March 26, 2011

New Love of Blocking

I'm kind of pragmatic and don'\t usually go ga-ga over gadgets unless they really add great something to the experience. So when I tell you that I personally love a gadget, it isn't just an Oprah giveaway.  Well, it's offical, I Love blocking pads!  Actually I don't just love them, I Luff them! I LURVE them! 

I hadn't even realized it, but I've been avoiding proper blocking because I loathe my blocking boards. They are big, heavy, awkward, hard to store, and inconvenient. Feh! I am thrilled with my new Knit Picks Foam Blocking Pads. I decided to take them for a test run and pulled out a crochet log-cabin blanket I started last summer. Oooooeee, the pads (I know, it sounds like sanitary napkins) are fantastic!  They are small, easy to use, I can connect as many as I want and into any shape. I am careful about not sticking pins through the foam to my table, but otherwise they are a delight. 

You know what else? I LURV Blocking Wires! I always kind of thought that blocking wires were for lace knitters, and since I wasn't pulling out my blocking boards anyway, I figured that I didn't want or need any. SO WRONG! Blocking wires rock my world!  They keep my edges straight, which is so lovely. But what I like even more is that it's so much easier to block pieces that need to be stretched larger. Being able to align my squares is great too, it's like making a granny square shish-kabob. And the wires also mean less fiddling with my ruler. 

Live an learn. I think I'm going to have to try out a bunch of new things this year that I used to dismiss, because I clearly had no idea what I was missing. 

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Mary deB said...

Oh, I've wanted blocking wires for a while!