Thursday, December 09, 2010

New Staff

Please welcome our newest team member ... Mr. Sheep.  I picked him up at the One Of A Kind show last week.  He's from Felt Factory and is part of their Faux Fauna series (read about them from the National Post).  

There is a lame little story that goes along with the aquisition of Mr Sheep. And a caveat, i'm a terrible storyteller, which will make it a boring story too. That said, I still intend to submit you to it - Hee-hee-hee!

So here it is .... I was at the OOAK show with my parents, aunt & uncle. They move too slow, so I take off ahead of them. The show is sooooo boring, until 1/3 of the way through I come across the new artists section, and low and behold I stumble across the jewel of the show - a tiny four foot by four foot display made out of ancient reclaimed wood, and handing on it is needle felted taxidermy. Brilliant! It crosses my mind that my friends in San Fran, the Bermans, would LOVE this. And then I look up and who should be right in front of me, but the the Bermans' coolest of the cool friends, Jodi! The vendor was wrapping up a moose for her, and she talked me into purchasing the sheep for the store, although it wasn't particularly hard, I'm impressionable at times. And now, Mr Sheep happily resides above the return policy and cash register, and I LOVE him!  :-)  

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