Saturday, November 06, 2010

Finished Object: Star Crossed Eco Beret

This is a good picture, but the focus is very soft. By the way, my head is a Small and the hat is a Medium.

This is a better picture of the hat, but not a good picture (no chin). 

This is the hat flat. I enhanced the picture a bit so you can see the cables - they are not actually that distinct to the human eye - at least in this yarn. 

This was a very satisfying finished object - I'm very happy. It is the Star Crossed Beret (free pattern on Ravelry) made with 1 skein of Cascade Eco Duo.  First things first - the yarn is like knitting with BABIES!  You know how cute & soft & squishy & cuddly babies are? Well that's what this yarn feels like. and wearing it feels like cuddling with a baby. 

Next, the pattern is pretty simple. I went down a needle size (5mm & 7mm) because the yarn they used has more loft to it. One part of the pattern instruction was vague, and I interpreted as follows:
  • 1 x 1 rib for 1 inch
  • worked R1 to 12
  • increase round
  • worked R2-12
  • worked R1-6
  • worked decreases
The finished size feels like about a Medium/22". If you have a really big head you can work R1 to 12 one more time after increase round.

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