Friday, November 06, 2009

Solid Gold!

I bought gold yarn!  And Silver Yarn too!  But I know that most of you judge blingy yarns and that my choice needs an explanation.  Kristen and I were visiting the distributor last weekend and while we were there she spied a display of new yarn and fell in love. I probably would not have even noticed the stuff, since I'm usually considering the needs & desires of the majority (plus their sample was knit up in a really ugly colourway, black on metallic purple - it looked like a disco vomited). Kristen has a good eye for nice yarn and GREAT taste in clothes, so I looked at it more seriously.  It has a metallic chainette core which is surrounded in a dusting of soft, fuzzy stuff. The effect is a muted magpie, just enough glitter, but you don't feel like you are staring directly at the sun.

The stuff is called Lang Lanalux and I'm making a gold beret for the store, inspired by the metalic berets that have been swimming around the fashion pages for the last 3 years or so. You may not have noticed it, it's not a dominant trend, but it's interesting enough to file itself away in my memory. See below, a gold beret from Burbery Prorsum's Spring 2006 show.

Burbery Prorsum Spring 2006 RTW

But what really comes to mind when I think of gold is a show I used to watch when I was a kid, a music show called Solid Gold from the early 80s. The premise of the show  was to choreograph dancers (the solid gold dancers, see below) in skimpy, skin-tight costumes to snippets of pop music, from the billboard hits of the week. I'd say I endured the show more than liked it, I was a lazy kid, but I have a vivid memory of a group of women in tight, gold satin pants gyrating around a feature on the set and then writhing on the floor. This hat is dedicated to slinky, big-haired women of Solid Gold. The yarn isn't exactly 'solid' gold, but it's my Solid Gold Beret.
The Solid Gold Dancers, decked out in their solid gold regalia.

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