Saturday, February 14, 2009


i just moved house about a week and a half ago and you know how it is, you have too much of what you don't need and not what you do. lucky for me i make things. i needed a rug for my front door, for mushy winter boots. i scavenged in the basement and found some Briggs & Little Super from years ago. The colours were pretty random and that's what I had to work with, which is always more fun than picking and choosing. Anyway, the super is super-duper for rugs and the whole thing is just single crochet and a random choice of stripes carefully eyeballed. after i finished mine i was still jonesing to crochet and i still had lots of yarn left over in colours that didn't work for my place and i made a rug for Eden , my neighbour at Scratch Espresso (who got a great writeup on BlogTO this week!). And no, if you go to their web page you may think that they lifted my colours, but it's just a case of great minds think alike.

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