Thursday, July 17, 2008

I'm sorry I've been distracted lately and haven't blogged. It's not that I've found better things to do, I've just been busy. Making Stitch 'n Pitch happen is a constant stream of work. Just when I think I've done for a while a new problem crops up or it's time for the next phase. I haven't been able to do any pattern writing/editing and my knitting has been a little stymied too. It's time to work on someone else's pattern. My creative energies have been slipping into Embroidery. I'll take some pics & post them later.

Liane made me these two rugs for the store. It took her a couple of days to really understand how much I absolutely LOVE them! She's given me the pattern and I'll edit it and put it up on the website and make it into kits. Thanks go to Shelna who gave Liane a big pile of displaced grey wool. Kits will not come with my very cool shoes.