Thursday, April 12, 2007

Needle Update!
i'm sorry the needle update has been neglected! i promise that i've been occupied with very legitimate activities like the big sale, merchandising spring yarns, updating my facebook status ... ;-) seriously, i have been working very hard on the needles and so has liane (well, she never stops, i'm not sure if that counts).

1. the raglan from scratch, version 1.2
i guess i can't call it 'betty crocker', hee-hee! i had to make another version to work out the kinks, so i test drove the misti cotton in brown. i know it doesn't look like much (it isn't supposed to, i intended it to be a very simple, easy garment to make and wear) but it's been a ton of work. all totally worth it though, the fit is FANTASTIC! i put a lot of work into that, a great fit is really important to me in a garment.

2. swatches for projects future
Pluto models swatches from left to right: Twilleys Cotton Denim for a potential adaptation of Norah Gaughan's Gored Skirt from
Interweave Knits Winter 2005
, 2 x Manos Cotton Stria for future design from scratch, Allhemp 6 for future design, Allhemp 3 for future design.

3. Lace Shrug
i can't take a good picture to save my life! long finished, "A Good Bias" lace shrug from
Interweave Spring 2005. I'm happy with it. Executed it in some random Estelle 100% Silk that was kicking around, but had to take out 2 pattern repeats on each side to accomodate the lace's stretch. I overdyed it "new brown" acid dye from G & S Dye.

4. Wall Flowers
Sweater from scratch version 1.0 models flowers Liane and I crocheted for the front window.

5. Fleece Artist Kidsilk Raglan Sweater
1.0 again models a store sample of the Fleece Artist Kidsilk Raglan Sweater kit Liane and I are working up. Figured it was about time.

6. Wooly Bully Throw
Liane made this sample a month or so ago with Wooly Bully
. Unfortunately, the putzes discontinued this great colour! What the F?!

7. Misti Cotton Silk Baby Sweater
Liane worked up this little sweetie of a sweater & hat set (Pretty as a Picture
) from Misti Alpaca.

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Chelle said...

gorgeous stuff Haley! I particularly love your raglan from look fabulous in it.