Sunday, March 25, 2007

Spring 2007 Colours & Yarn Suggestions

Spring has sprung and spring yarns are arriving fast & furious! We've perused the Pantone colour palette for the season and matched up some spring yarns for you!

Silver Peony Green Sheen
Manos Cotton Stria 214 Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece CW725 Buttercream
Fable Baby Alpaca 09 Suede

Tarragon Grape Mist
Manos Cotton Stria 213 Madil Eden Bamboo 629
Super 10 Cotton 3717 Pistachio Fable Baby Alpaca 01

Opal Gray Cafe Creme
Manos Cotton Stria 212 Super 10 Cotton 3956 Dusty
Madil Eden Bamboo 625 Fable Baby Alpaca 08 Chocolate
Fable baby Alpaca 18 Mist
Misti Cotton Silk N314

Golden Apricot Strawberry Ice
Fable Baby Alpaca 14 Carrot

Hollyhock Sky Blue
Super 10 cotton 3947 Grape Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece CW520 Caribbean Blue
Fable Baby Alpaca 12 Violet

1 comment:

2D Girl said...

oooohhhh... Opal Gray! Nice!