Friday, December 08, 2006

jens gift

jens gift, originally uploaded by myhighfiber.

last minute gift adjustments. i checked with my mom and she said Jen is still a sparly pink girl. i checked with my aunt and she said jen is a pink & purple girl. i check with jen's mom and apparently jen crossed over into adolescent style this school year. she started junior high, i guess that is a concrete social point for kids. anyway, jen's mom says jen is currently an orange/brown/ red/blue/black kind of person. sounds like she's still a warm palette person, she just shifted into more mature colours. so i swapped the yarn for something more dignified (no confetti, no sparkles), sans girly-swirly colours. it's a self striping yarn by Austermann called Murano, pretty fun: red, green, yellow, blue (well really, we can't get too adult on the girl1). And i swapped the needles for a larger pain or River Johns. They's the swing needle that are on sale, i just glued the stitch holder to the end.

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