Tuesday, September 05, 2006

feetsie 2

feetsie 2, originally uploaded by myhighfiber.

hey, busy weekend. not very, but not mucho needlework. i actually accomplished much other 'life' stuff (you know, my other extra-curricular activites). i cleaned out my closet and brought out the fall clothes & put away summer. also did so much laundry i'm awash (ha-ha!) in clean bloomers and sundry unmentionables. also got some exercise yesterday and got together with old friends from oaktown (the big O) last night. now i'm back, busy as a bee at work! see ya tomorrow night (except marla, she's off to winnipeg).

oh yeah, knitting ... i made a 'feetsie' with leftover koigu. i wrote the pattern today and i'll post it when it is done (gotta try the feetsies on some sample babies and see how they fit.

xox h

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