Thursday, May 23, 2013

Happy Socks!

I finished my Happy Socks, and as their name suggests, I'm really happy with them.  I used 1 ball of Zitron Trekking XXL (colour 550), and 1 skein of Regia 4ply (colour 44, charcoal grey) for the toes, rear of heel and ribbing at the top. 

I am in pursuit for the perfect fitting hand-knit socks for me. I used a generic short-row toe-up technique, worked in a k3p1 rib for the top of the foot and stockingette for the bottom, threw in a toe-up gusseted heel, and made increases up the back of the leg for the calf. I wrote down all the details in my notes on Ravelry, but they were written for my own guidance, not as a pattern, and details I don't generally need to note are omitted (basically, if you are new to sock knitting, I suggest you follow a basic beginner sock pattern and don't follow my notes). 

The socks will be on display in the store until the fall, at which time I'm reclaiming them!

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