Friday, September 07, 2012

Simple Gauntlets in Noro

Above: size Medium in Noro Odori colour 8

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This is one of the Patterns I've been working away on for you's guys ....  These gauntlets turned out wonderfully!  The yarn, Noro Odori, is soft and the texture is interesting and nice to work with. 

If you want an exactly matching pair you should probably get 2 skeins of yarn, otherwise your mitts will be deliciously randomly matched. If you are ok with them being matchy, but not exactly the same, I think the following colourways will probably work better:
    8 (purple/blue, 1st picture - see my pair)
    1 (black/brown/lt. grey)
    7 (red/pink/rust).
Other colours will turn out less matchy:
    11 (blue/pink/black/teal/green)
    8 (rainbow)
I don’t know about the other colours.

Above: size Large and Extra Large, both in Noro Odori colour 11.

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