Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Quick Summer Cardie!

I can't believe I totally forgot to Blog this little number!  We whipped up a quick little Cotton Summer Cardie with our Instant Gratification Cardie Jacket pattern.  We used 6.5mm needles and Berroco Weekend Chunky, but I think you can also use 7mm for a slightly more relaxed weave. 

We tried making a larger size since the yarn was slightly smaller, but that didn't actually work out, our sweater was way bigger than expected (the first experiment is not always the successful one).  If I did it again (and I probably will) I'll make the normal size, use 7mm needles, and keep an eye on my row gauge - just in case I need to throw in an extra row in the yoke. The pattern is written top-down, so it's easy enough to try it on as you go. 

The yarn is lovely (I love this colour!) and we only used 4 skeins - pretty economical, it's only $6.97 per skein. 

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