Friday, June 17, 2011

An Un-update that's Actually an Update

I have been working away at organizing the upcoming Stitch 'N Pitch in Toronto, so today will be a "look at all the cool projects" update. Also,  it is overcast today, so the the light is bad for photography. And I haven't finished anything lately - except my Crochet Log Cabin Blanket, but I don't recall if I already told you about that. 

Looks pretty good!  I am very happy with it. 

By the way, the plans for Stitch 'N Pitch are coming along swimmingly! This year there are 28 retailers across Ontario selling tickets!  Additionally, I sent out the request for prizes this morning and received 3 positive responses withing an hour!  Not bad for a Friday in the summer. 

So I guess I did have a blog posting after all! :-)

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