Friday, May 06, 2011


What have I been up to? A little of this, a little of that. Above is the Passover Seder Plate (aka. Jewy-Gurumi) I made for my parents for passover this year. I didn't finish it up completely in time for the unleavened week, so my mom sent it back home with the leftover chicken soup and briskit. She was also adamant that I show it to all of you!  Proud mommy. Despite the fact that we're a pretty secular family, she gets a kick out of my knit & crochet judaica, especially the foods. Of course, it bridges our strengths, as my mom's medium of choice is food while mine if fibre (not bran).  

I've labelled the different pieces, I had to use a little poetic license in my choices to make them recognizable. The Z'roa/shank bone and Maror/bitter herb aren't really recognizable as gurumis, so they became a chicken drumstick (it's a legbone, right?), and a raddish (it's bitter enough).  I was originally going to give them little black safety eyes, but the eyes did not arrive in time to add them. Maybe I'll make another set with eyes. I appropriated most of the patterns, but listed everything in Ravelry. I made up the celery, so I'll definitely get around to posting that.

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