Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Little Samuel (Shmully) Hat

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I feel like this post is total filler, mostly because I don't think that this hat turned out to be particularly inspiring. Not that I don't like it, I made it to be VERY warm, and it is.  I've been calling it Shmully, which is the diminutive in Yiddish for the name Samuel. The pattern is of course, named Samuel, and i made it smaller to fit my little head. I also knit it in the round, instead of flat, on much smaller needles to make it dense to keep out the wind, and smaller to fit my head. At the end, it really doesn't resemble the original all that much, it doesn't really slouch properly, which is OK because I don't really look good in slouchy hats. I folded it over on the side and stuck a pin in it, and's it's all good!

In the end, it's a good hat and a achieve what I set out to do. I have a warm hat that doesn't make me look too ridiculous, that matches my cowl, and thus I have a warm matching set that I like. If I have the time and/or ambition, I might take out the crown of the hat, get rid of all the extra fabric, and just make it a beanie. Alternately, I`ll just make myself a new hat, maybe a Vintage Rib & Button hat,  in the same yarn and wear them interchangeably. Que sera, I have a sweater to make!

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