Wednesday, June 02, 2010

FYI: World Record Attempt - Most Knitters!

The weekend of June 12th & 13th is World Wide Knit in Public Day and Toronto needs your help to secure it's place in the Guinness Book or World Records for the most people knitting in one place at the same time!

When:  Saturday June 12th, 1 to 4pm

Where:  Junction Square, 2945 Dundas St West (2 blocks West of Keele, see a 

Who:  Anyone! Everyone! Bring your yarn & needles!

Event Organizers:  
That's Women's WorkWise Daughters, & Street Knit

Other: Facebook Event PageNational Post Article

Novices and experts alike are invited to bring a lawn chair, some needles and yarn, and to be part of history!  There will be live entertainment, refreshments and prizes, as well as beginner knitting classes on the spot (1 to 3pm). The count for the world record will take place at 3 pm sharp. Participants are encouraged to donate what they knit. 

Addenda: you must be knitting on 2 needles to make it legal! check out this thread on ravelry.

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