Friday, February 05, 2010

Quick Valentines Gifts

It's nice to celebrate Valentines day with a single Rose or a Bouquet. The secret to making nice flowers is using nice yarn. Cheap, acrylic yarns look kitschy in a "memories of granny's bathroom decor from the 1970s" kind of way. Using a decent wool, something with some surface texture and depth of colour (single plies look nioce), goes a looong way! Plus, if you use a feltable wool and aren't keen on the finished texture you can always salvage the project by felting it. Lamb's Pride Worsted is a good option, it has a bit of fuzz to it, or try Malabrigo Merino Worsted in a semi-solid for a very knitterly aesthetic.

Sock Monkeys (here's the 2nd little guy knitting)transcend the specificity of holidays - they are cool in any seasonal colour combo (red for Valentines, pastels for Easter, red & green for Christmas, dressed up like Charton Heston for Passover). Make it in a thicker yarn and it will knit up faster and larger.

Knit some Mini Hearts or some Super-mini Hearts or  are great valentines decorations: string them together in a garland or mobile.

You can also Crochet Mini-Amigurumi Hearts or Medium Hearts

Valentines is like a Box of Chocolates for those who have a healthy appreciation for irony and are on a diet. (I'm kidding around, so stop rolling your eyes, I don't actually expect anyone to make this, I just have a good appreciation for spectacle.)


Marie-Andrée said...

very cute! I love everything you made for valentine day.

Crochet Christy said...

Ooh! I love the bouquet! I've been looking for something to crochet for my grandmother's nursing home room, and I think she'll be tickled with this. Thanks for posting it!