Wednesday, March 04, 2009

new free patterns & projects

i made a FREE mobius cowl pattern with Manos Silk Blend

and i made a FREE longer mobius cowl pattern with Manos Silk Blend

of course, they were both created in pursuit of a mobius capelet pattern. i suppose that will be next. they are quick & satisfying projects, but you know me, my attention span is limited. funny thing, as i was weaving in the ends of the longer version i browsed the latest fall 2009 fashion shows in Milan, and what should be the main accessory at Missoni , but long mobius cowls!

anyway, i've been up to a few other things too, but i'll have to update you later because i have no pictures and i spent all afternoon fighitng with my computer trying to get the patterns up on the website!

1 comment:

Scheherazaad said...

Lovely texture. Now we can all be fashion forward next fall.