Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Making the Freebie Bags

The making-up of 1000 freebie bags for Stitch 'N Pitch was a big undertaking! On a warm Sunday morning volunteers gathered for 3 and 1/2 hours to try and make sense of 20 big cardboard boxes of bags, yarn, patterns and wool soap.

Thanks to Liane, Wendy, Shelna , Lynne, Rosie, Paul , Naomi and Sophie for helping!

Lynne (left) & Shelna (right) are making up packets of pattern leaflets to go in the bags. Paul (centre) opens a box of tote bags.

Wendy, the mistress of the yarn. Yarn in it's natural habitat (the plastic bag), eagerly anticipates it's new home. The piles you see aren't even 10% of the total number of bags.

Rosie packs away the finished bags, ready to be handed out at the game.

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