Friday, February 29, 2008

i know this isn't full-on procrastination but i'm blogging for a break, it's the paper chase knittin' style!

look how pretty it pools on the counter!

i finished my mom's silk spun wrap last week. it's great! easy-peasy and oh-so impressive to non-knitters. pattern to follow. you can see the details on ravelry or see all the pics on flickr.

i finished the first knee high ribbed sock. it fits amazing! so cozy!

I've got some ankle socks that i never wear 'cause the are too short or too warm. they are being renovated, receiving an addition on the top. lucky i had the extra skein of KPPPM in a matching colour in the sale bin!

i've been sewing monsters from old socks with holes. this is my first. he got eyes last night and is waiting for a mouth. his teeth are a real mess, he might need orthodontics.

O.K., my back hurts, i'm going to go now and watch something stupid on you-tube. later 'gator!

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