Thursday, January 31, 2008

Update ...

finished my stripey leftover yarn socks! they are so eay, i think i should just keep making them, none of them have to match and i'll never suffer from second sock syndrome.

pluto has actually been using his little house for small spurts of time. i guess i got the size right on the second try even though it looks lumpy.

i went to the fiona ellis fair isle workshop on sunday. unfortunately i was too sick and too high on cold medicine to get much out of it. i was falling asleep by the afternoon and had to take off early. still, it was a great course, she was very accessible. i highly recommend it for anyone interested in taking fair isle further or designing their own fair isle.

No, it is not a penis warmer (or that is not it's intended purpose).

I FINALLY started my ribbed knee socks! i don't know why i procrastinate. i kept trying to find the perfect fancy solution to my mulitvalent problem:

  • i want the socks to stay up, so they need to be ribbed (i want to wear them with my rubber books, keep my leggies warm and cozy)
  • i want the colour of the yarn to look as good as it can (or not look ugly and pool in a strane way)
  • i would'nt mind if i could make them a cool kind of styleanyway, i tried a K2 P3 rib, but it didn't really work
anyway, i tried a K2 P3 rib but it didn't look great and the stretch wasn't springy. i tried a K1 p1 rib but it looked yuckier. i tried a 2.5 mm needle for the rib but it was too loose. so, it aint glamorous, but for the sake of speed and expedience i decided to go for a K2 P2 rib, the toe knit on a 2.5mm needle and the ribbing on a 2mm. i'm almost at the heel.

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