Friday, July 06, 2007

my mind hasn't been working efficiently today but i just figured out why i'm currently addled. i expect it's the codeine laced acetaminophen i took before i left the house. today is a crampy day. it all makes sense now, it explains so much: why i'm wearing my hair in pigtails with red bobbles, why i keep spelling 'explain' as 'sexplain' (well, that may also be the very interesting boy i've been chatting with) and why i'm so pleased with the new pants i got last night at H&M (i normally reserve that level of interest for shoes, handbags & jewellery). i think i should probably not bother with any lace patterns today.

luckily i was able to download some pictures.

tilt your head slightly to the right. here's sahara so far. i'm not happy with the design of the arm so i have to rip it back a bit. i'm making the long sleeved version, 'cause i live in canada, and i feel that the wide belled sleeves are kinda incongruous with the tightly fitted body. anyway, it's been sitting in my basket at home for the last week.

i've taken up embroidery. i was inspired by terri and a temporary lack of knitting inspiration. this was my first go. the stitches are a bit harder than i expected, but i think that's just a newbie thing. the budgies are from Jenny Hart's book "Sublime Stitching", but i've got loads of her Sublime Stitching pattern leaflets for sale in the store, the bag is from american apparel. Of course, i got bored while working the budgies but i'm happy with the result. I'm hoping that my next project will be a little more stimulating becuse it will be my own design and i'm going to try and do some free form colour work. if i get into it i might buy a bunch of the AA denim totes wholesale to (i really like the density of the fabric) sell in store. so far i've been using DMC embroidery floss that i've got for sale in store. i got a bunch of anchor floss last night at wal-mart (it's not my fault, i hate that place but i had to get some barbie fixins for a 4 year old's birthday this weekend because they didn't have the right thing at toys r us because the ceiling fell in or something equally ill fated). the anchor floss is so cheap, i have no idea what the quality is going to be like. it'll probably be annoying.

everything is annoying (although the codeine is taking the edge off). a bunch of fall berroco books arrived less the one i really wanted, the norah gaughan book. i called berroco and my rep didn't order it. why can't people just read my mind? ugh, it wouldn't matter anyway, nobody would be able to make heads or tails of my thoughts. except for my friend Richard in Oakland, he can deconstruct it all. he knows when i sad even when i don't know. not to diminish my other best friends, you've all got unique and essential haley-wrangling skills.

gratuitous pluto shot.

it's not much to look at but this is the bottom of an eventually to be knitted grocery shopping tote in Allhemp6. grocery and food stores have been selling really cheap totes as a nod to the dying planet. and i'm not complaining, it's better than plastic bags. but the new ones are cheap will only serve for 6 moths to a year of regular use, so they're destined for the landfill too. so i'm making a classic styled, heavy duty, long, long, long term shopping/everything tote. actually, the project started as a bag for my cousin steven who got a new boat and needs a bag to put his recycling in, but now that i've been working on it i think it's too good for him.

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