Sunday, May 06, 2007

On the Needles May 6, 2007

I've been working on summer designs for the store lately. I guess books #1 & 2 are on the backburner for the next few weeks and it seems book #3 is nascent. i'm kinda cutting my teeth with store stuff with a simple aesthetic, great shaping and reasonable execution. I'll tell you an anecdote some time about designing for clients, it's a long, dry architectural history ramble.

I've been taking a break from this surplice top in Needful Geranium because it was annoying me (not it per-se, just the designing). I needed a vacation, but i'm back at it this weekend, finishing the arms. It doesn't have a name yet, i'll have to think about it.

While avoiding the Geranium surplice i sorta tumbled into a silk tank-top. It was innocent, i swear i wasn't cheating. I started knitting a Handmaiden Silk Vee, but you know me, I'm never happy with the way things are, so i started re-working it. I also already had some Silk Spun in the store so i paired them off and started experimenting with alternating balls of similar but different coloured yarns. you tell me how it works. well, i think it's working well, and this was the pair that was the most dissimilar. gives the colour some depth, and of course prevents the colour from pooling. Right at this moment i'm ripping back a few rows because i decreased when i should've increased. dumb haley.

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Kristina said...

Am loving the new designs, Haley! Must come in when I've got some money again...

And - you've been tagged! (sorry - just trying to avoid bad knitting karma). For the rules, please check out my blog on the 20 May post.