Friday, September 02, 2005


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my maximized basket version of the frrench market bag has been finished for a wee bit. i had a bunch of measurements & stuff but i've lost interest since then in the minutae: basically it shrank about 1/2 in the height but much less in the width and in the handles. i felt like i had to stop because i'd already used 3 skeins in the main colour and more than one in the contrast. still, now i know why felting is addictive. :-) it wasn't felty enough for my liking so i ran it through the wash twice, which had a lot to do with the super shrinkage. i also trimmed the handles to make everything nice & pretty.

i think next time i'll do it without the handles, modify the pattern a bit and make it a real basket, and wash it with starch.

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